PW SuperZoom unmanned aircraft project

On the basis of extensive experience in the use of the unmanned PW‑Zoom aircraft, the development of the PW SuperZoom has been started, taking into account all deficiencies of the protoplast. This was to obtain more refined construction, where the main change is more aerodynamic, but also a larger fuselage. The elaborated constructing design included a front skid, protecting the front part of the body during hard landing, wider spacing of the main landing gear, and a larger and easily disassemble fuel tank.

In 2019, it is planned to launch a full program, including complex design, testing and preparation for implementation of PW-SuperZoom by Aircraftica.

/Project originator - Prof. PhD Eng. Mirosław Rodzewicz from Warsaw University of Technology/

The project included:

  • Design of the body geometry and execution of the CAD numerical model
  • Development of a numerical CAD model of composite body structure