Photogrammetric unmanned aircraft PW-Zoom

The project and construction of the photogrammetric unmanned aircraft PW‑Zoom was carried out at the Warsaw University of Technology in the MONICA program (A novel approach to monitoring the impact of climate change on Antarctic ecosystems) within the framework of the Polish‑Norwegian grant for biological monitoring and photogrammetry in Antarctic areas. The prototype of the aircraft was the design of the ultralight, composite glider in the ULS‑2 ULS. The most important design criterion was the longevity of the flight, the wide range of speed and resistance to the wind gust, as well as aspects of safety. The airframe structure is made entirely of composite material and the main units can be easily dismantled. The aircraft has a remote control system, an autopilot, a high resolution camera with image stabilization systems, emergency parachute and ice protection system.

/Project manager - PhD Eng. Katarzyna Joanna Chwedorzewska from Polish Academy of Sciences, Chief design engineer - Prof. PhD Eng. Mirosław Rodzewicz from Warsaw University of Technology/

The project included:

  • geometry design and execution of the 3D numerical model
  • develop a numerical 3D model of composite structure
  • develop a version with enlarged fuel tank
  • development of technical documentation