Milling of molds for making the wings of the unmanned aircraft NORD

The NORD (Numerical Optimization Results Demonstrator) project is a concept of a unmanned aircraft in the configuration of a flying wing, designed to serve as a demonstrator. The basic goal of the project is a multidisciplinary, numerical optimization that combines aerodynamic, structural and flight dynamics analysis. The flying demonstrator is intended to be used for comparative analysis of the actual characteristics of the aircraft with the results of the optimization calculations.

For the needs of this project, a set of wing milled molds was developed using CAD / CAM tools.

/Head of Research - PhD Eng. Jacek Mieloszyk from Warsaw University of Technology/

The project included:

  • development of molds project for the wing design
  • development of CAM numerical models for molding – generating of NC codes
  • milling the molds on the NC machine