Development of a technology for the production of pre-impregnated OOA sandwich structures

The work on the development of the Out Of Autoclave technology for the production of composite spacer structures was carried out as part of the PRELOT project by the Institute of Aviation, Warsaw University of Technology and Allstar PZL Glider. The whole project assumed the development of a technology enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to produce high-quality pre-impregnated components, but bypassing the autoclave process, using innovative low-pressure and low-temperature manufacturing techniques.

The purpose of the task was to determine the permissible parameters of the process of making OOA sandwich structures, taking into account parameters of available pre-impregnants and adhesives, and considering the possibility of using basic tooling and equipment known from contact techniques.

/Project manager - PhD Eng. Daniel Szeląg from Institute of Aviation, Assignment manager- Prof. PhD Eng. Piotr Czarnocki from Warsaw University of Technology/

The project included:

  • analysis of available materials on the market
  • development of technological processes
  • carrying out technological trials on samples
  • carrying out strength tests on samples